Inovi Telecom has established a cutting-edge smartphone manufacturing plant in Karachi, Pakistan. The organisation is a major supporter of foreign investment in Pakistan and has made significant investments in the local economy. The goal is to promote ‘Assembled in Pakistan’ items while also providing jobs for both skilled and unskilled labour. ITel and Infinix are two worldwide brands with whom the firm has already secured contracts.

Manufacturing plant

Inovi Telecom employs a total of 1500 people, with 30+ engineers working in R&D. For smart phones and feature phones, the projected monthly output is around 2.5 million units labeled “Assembled in Pakistan” tag. We can help you save money on taxes (Every layer of distribution from Manufacturing to Retailer is liable to pay a minimum of 1.5 percent Turn-Over-Tax). Moreover, our comprehensive services extend beyond manufacturing to encompass, office and warehouses, distributors, nationwide channel coverage, and service networks

Benefits for Manufacturer

  • Significant Cost Savings on account of Duty / Taxes – SKD Vs CBU
  • 3% Incentive on Exports of Mobile Devices
  • DIRBS system fully functional – means no illegal or smuggled mobile phone will work in Pakistan
  • Other waivers / benefits in local Taxation

The Growth

DIRBS (Device Identification Registration and Blocking System) was created and deployed by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) on December 1st, 2018. Compliant Devices are legitimately imported devices that have had their IMEIs registered on DIRBS at the time of import. The technology is intended to detect non-compliant mobile devices on local networks.

PTA has also begun barring consumers who comply with appropriate authentication from having their gadgets stolen or robbed.