About Us

INOVI TELECOM was founded in 2021 with the goal of providing clients with high-quality products and services.We are currently planning to merge with several mobile manufacturing brands in Karachi, Pakistan, such as Infinix and ITel, with a monthly production capacity of up to 500,000 smart phone devices.

The camera has evolved into an everyday device that anybody can use to create high-quality photos thanks to improvements in digital technology. As such, the organisation chose one of Infinix’s top business sectors.


Digital camera technology has resulted in a variety of improved features and capabilities that can considerably boost creativity and expression.INOVI is proud to have secured Infinix’s nationwide distribution. We’ve now entered one of the potential electronic categories, namely, mobile phones. Infinix phones have been considered as one of the top devices in the world.

We also shake hands with ITel, an official partner in Pakistan for its mobile phone devices, in addition to Infinix. Furthermore, INOVI also distributes Multimedia Projectors, Professional Camcorders, DVD Players, RCR’s, and Mezzo under a franchise agreement. The Company has offered a broad spectrum of this product to its end users and re-sellers since the beginning.

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Get More Philosophy

Inovi has been working on the “Get More” principle since the beginning. Our philosophy is to constantly give our consumers something extra. From staff to business partners to end users, Inovi is constantly striving to make a difference that allows customers to feel like they are getting more from the firm, and this is the secret to our success.